Internet Marketing Genius

Do you have an idea or product that you are looking to make viral on the internet? Let my many years of elite mass marketing skills be the magic that will make your product or service the next big thing! I have been in Headline News world wide for past marketing endeavours that have taken the world by storm.

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Google Chrome Extensions Development

I have developed and released several amazing extensions which many people use every day in their Chrome browsers. All of my extensions are featured and available to download in the Google Chrome Store .
My Most Downloaded and used to date is my Google+ Public Hangouts Extension……..

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Have You Heard The News?

Have you heard the news? Besides being featured in the Guinness Book Of World Records 2010, I have been interviewed by many television shows, featured in front page headlines of hundreds of newspapers world wide and adorned the pages of magazines, best seller books and done plenty of radio show appearances since 2003!

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I am featured in the Fall Edition of Kiblind Magazine (French European Print Magazine On News stands in  France/Belgium/Switzerland) You can take a peek at their Online version here : or If you are in that part of Europe, pick up a copy for yourself.

Thank you for participating and helping me to mine all the LBRY coins.
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I would like to vouch for a service that has been outstanding to myself and many associates when it comes to assuring my privacy on the Internet. DoubleVpn offers a service called Quad Vpn that we use and I explain how it works in my video, they do not keep any logs unlike the cheap vpn services located on American soil that gladly hand over your activity log when asked nicely from those who seek to take away any shred of privacy you are entitled to. For $45 per month you get the most hardcore anonymity that money can buy and the peace of mind knowing this Russian provider has build a stellar reputation with it's huge customer base over the years for keeping it's promises and ensuring your protection when online.

Many people ask me, what is the easiest way to see posts or pages on Google that you are blocked from seeing? Here is my method I have been using, it's seems like I am the only one hehe. It allows you to surf the pages you are otherwise blocked from, in the same browser you are currently using with your logged in account.

Just replace the with in the url of the content that you are unable to view under your logged in account. Do it in a new tab in your browser so you will not interfere with your otherwise regular google activity. Also, when the popup comes up saying to you want to use the new google plus, just say no thanks. Enjoy viewing the material that others may not want you to view, the easy way. It works great for searches too, so to search anything and see all the results, you would type in the following in the address bar :

A very entertaining and information rich community about a severely delusional internet troll named Todd Knisely that spends all day and night harassing people on the internet that I outed a few years back. He uses the nickname Shadow or as he likes to write it, ṤⱧǠ ᴆŐƜ while doing his harassment campaigns.

Maybe in about 45 mins to an hour from now I would make one. Anyone out there interested in joining when I do or already have one active that I could pop in on and sit back to chat a bit?

Let me know in comments below and looking forward to meeting some new people and even old friends again!

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