2x my Bitcoin in 60 secs AGAIN on PlayBitStarz.com PROOF!

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Still people out there are mind blown that I keep on doing this trick or method at http://PlayBitStarz.com that I came up with that pays me DOUBLE or more everytime I play. This is my 3rd video showing proof that it works for me every single time and I also uploaded a video of me and 2 other people following my exact method LIVE on a Google Hangout with screenshare and they both made BIG money in minutes, MORE THEN I even made each time!! My Method is solid and I hope it lasts much longer before it eventually becomes ineffective or fixed. Watch all my other videos for more action, I hope you all can make lots of profit, play smart and dont play too often. Let’s keep this glory alive.

The Method is very simple. As I explain in all my other videos, here it is in step by step to follow.

1) Go to http://PlayBitStarz.com and you will see the bitstarz site load, going through the domain playbitstarz.com and not just bitstarz.com blocks your referal, so nobody will see that you are coming to the site from a youtube video, this is called hide ref.

2) sign up for your free account and then click on deposit and deposit some btc, You can put any amount as long as it is at least $50 worth, the best results I and people I showed this to so far have been with larger deposits.

3) play and win, once your money is doubled or more, just cash out!

Rince Repeat!

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Written by Empire