Again another $100 bitcoin Win at Proof It’s Still Working

Avatar Empire | September 18, 2017 99 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

As I promised you guys, I would play again to show you how I nailed this new game called johnny octopus over at . I use the same settings each time and it keeps on paying out, winning at least $100 or more each time I play. Who knows how long this free money faucet will stay turned on, but as usual I am proud to share my findings with you guys so you can clean them out with me! Remember to deposit enough to get you enough spins to achieve the bonus wild rounds, I never deposit anything less than $70 worth each time I play and I take my winnings right away when I hit them, I do not stick around for them to take my money back! Be smart and Stack that free money while it’s there for the taking!

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Written by Empire