Again I win on Loaded – The Ghetto Slot That PAYS big at

Avatar Empire | September 18, 2017 94 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

This game called Loaded at is a favourite of mine and it took me so long to find a casino site that allowed players to play in USD, most of them all push for EURO only and I never play in EURO. This is my second video showing how awesome the game is for paying out, it’s the easiest USD game I have played ever, it just has one little thing to look out for, do not play crazy and lose all your profit, because it throws money at you like crazy to get you into that mode where you feel like you have a golden horse shoe up your butt, then you just keep playing and lose your shirt! So Follow my lead, play it and make your money and cash out quick every time!

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Written by Empire