Exploiting a Bug I found to Win Every Bonus Round! PlayBitStarz.com

Avatar Empire | September 18, 2017 42 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

Wonder how long before they patch this bug on http://PlayBitStarz.com I have been emptying them out LEGALLY by just using the same three numbers on the roulette bonus spin round in the Mr. Vegas game. This is the kind of stuff I love doing, finding these little holes and bugs in casinos and just getting as much money out of them as I can until they fix it! There is nothing illegal about what I am doing, it is how their game works, not my problem if the ones who wrote the software were incompetent.

The bug is in the roulette bonus round, so when it happens in the game, just pick the following three numbers 9, 10, 19 and then let the wheel spin and one of those 3 numbers will ALWAYS hit! It works every single time. Watch me do it at 16:03 and then again at 22:49 in this proof video.

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Written by Empire