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I have been getting notifications from Google+ for the past couple weeks and finally…

I have been getting notifications from Google+ for the past couple weeks and finally just looked at them to see that the same obsessive retard Todd Knisely is still bothering people on the internet for a living. How's your left eye, jaw and ribs doing after that last well delivered beating you fetched for messing with people that do not handle degenerates like yourself over the internet and prefer to do so the more effective way, in person?

259 responses to “I have been getting notifications from Google+ for the past couple weeks and finally…”

  1. +John Carroll  assume that when I doxed him and made all the public information easy to consult on Google+ a couple years back that it has helped some good people to identify who is harassing them so they know who they are dealing with, unlike just a nickname that he used to feel secure hiding behind. I have received a couple of emails over the past year thanking me, so at least I am glad that those folks could benefit somehow. #CCC  

  2. Well you've done great work and I'm striving to keep that standard. He can scan my networks all he wants but I've got a "present" for him.
    Like a rabid dog he needs to be put down!
    He has fucked over some good people but now? He will worship the bbc with his wannabe racist cough syrup drinking , non driving racist ass!

    Which if you think about it is silly since he loves eating Asian if you know what I mean?

  3. +Adam Guerbuez Dear Mr. Guerbuez, Thank you for sending a notification to my CAIN page regarding this post. It speaks volumes about Todd Knisely, his grandiosity and obsession with targeting/defaming other online users. Not to sound too much like a forensic shrink, but your post answers many questions regarding his predatory troll profile. On behalf of all our internet safety volunteers, Thank you for providing this valuable information. Respectfully, Doc Nuccitelli, iPredator Inc. New York, USA #ToddKnisely #iPredator #CAIN

  4. +Brian-White Knight- Williams you are welcome! Have you guys ever read all the old news paper articles I found a couple years back from his hometown paper about his many offences, some that he managed to cut pleas to drop so they would not appear on his official record however you can not erase official ledgers like newsprint that is fully verifiable for their authenticity. Like the case that +john carroll is refering to where Todd and the mother of his child were arrested for "simulated sex acts" on their front porch while people walked by of all ages. I dug up some really epic lulz when it comes to this winner to last a decade or more when it comes to entertainment at his expense.

  5. +Linda Tewes That's true, however shadow made a video on call he received from Chris saying that he was in fact a pedophille. "Chris" was none other than Nutella pretending to be bridges, and it's way too obvious that it's him. However he continues to deny this.

  6. +Linda Tewes Except the fact that shadow made the video when he and CAIN were very close partners, so if he were to manipulate Nutella's voice and use it without his consent, I'm sure Nutella would've called him out on it long ago. Yet he hasn't addressed it at all, and continues to sweep it under the rug. Hm..

  7. +Linda Tewes But he made that when they were partners, so it doesn't add up. If Nutella knew that his likeness was used to indict someone of pedophilia, he would've cut ties with shadow earlier, yet he did not. And the splice excuse doesn't work at all, because if he did in fact manipulate the audio I'm sure Nutella would have no trouble pointing out the source from which he took the audio from.

  8. +Adam Guerbuez
    Oh Adam are you still beating up the homeless? Any new murder charges? LoL As you see Fat Man I am still here with my finger in your face saying fuck you. All that work you put in to attack me and still…. Nothing to show for it… And by the way, I won that fight… Care to come see me personally so I can show you? 😉 This is why you need camera at your house.. because you know if you didn't you would get your fat ass whipped… LoL

  9. Todd your medical records have not been updated in a while, clear sign that you have not been following through with your prescriptions and therapy. Anything good lately on Netflix?

  10. Todd nice to see that you have finally stopped your denial game about your true identity, it took you a couple years since I dropped your personal info onto the net and put a nice seo push on it (google results for your full name lookin sexy as hell by the way) At least you have come to terms with the fact that everyone that you bother can now do a simple search and find the real name and face behind your silly avatar that you once held so dearly secure, shouting until you were blue in the face that you were not Todd Knisely. <– more keyword rich seo right there. Oh , on another note, I heard CVS in your mall is having a 30%off special on your favourite cough syrup, get on your bicycle and pick a few up while the getting is good!

  11. +Brian-White Knight- Williams It's all good, this internet predator needed to be exposed and I stepped up to the plate for the many users of this site who Todd Knisely aka +ṤⱧǠ ᴆŐƜ and Shadow had harassed, threatened and stalked all while hiding behind his made up internet nickname. When I contacted people close to him in real life, they told me plenty about him and advised me to avoid him at all costs, hell even his own family members came close to putting restraining orders on him due to his drunken and drugged violent antics he regularly pulls while on and offline. Everyone in his life that I contacted was very friendly with me and all shared the same thing in common with each other, they all have tried to help him but he just keeps on repeating his nonsense and refuses to take the treatment that the courts have imposed in him several times in the past and has chosen to not take 3 medications that were prescribed to him to regulate his mental health issues. Instead he self medicates with cough syrup and 7-up because he claims it helps him to cope and a little bit goes a long way.

    The guy is destined for jail or more beatings like the one he got that resulted in the photo above, since he simply continues to do as he pleases and since his brain is not capable of simple reasoning, he creates these dangerous delusions in which he literally lives in, believes in and projects onto others. You can not reason with a lunatic.

    If you want to really learn more about him, do like I did and call the people around him in real life, talk with them, they are very public and very easy to reach, their info is all public. Even court records with actual full details (transcripts) etc. I did all that legwork a couple years back to expose this tool and not going to spend any more time on his shit, however if anyone else wants to do it up, enjoy the world is yours!

  12. +Adam Guerbuez
    Remember some of our conversations Adam where you talked ot me about how scared you were about those murder charges? Or perhaps those delightful convos we had about how you grew up in that slum and not to mention… Your daddy…. 😉
     You are more of criminal than I am… It's easy to manipulate these idiots isn't it… they don't even know you are using them…. Remember that recorded video where you admitted to breaking into US servers for med records? I still have it LoL

  13. Lol Todd, Your We is Your mom and dad, but not your baby momma's dad, we know how he feels about you don't we…. How do you like the new spam filter I put on your account that applies to all your posts on G+ lol

  14. +Adam Guerbuez
    You talk turkey… I know as much about you fat man as you k now about me…. Member that… As far a your "spam filter" LoL well no one is noticing it if it's real that is…. Your psych games Adam are as old as that murder trial… By the way we did track down that guy you threatened when you came to his house and told him you would kill him if he did give you his site credentials  LOL He was very forthcoming about you

  15. Todd your delutions just reached all new levels, do you even read what you type, ever? I have no criminal record, never did, I am a public person and that is why you keep up your nonsense when it comes to me, you want someone who is important and in the spotlight to give you attention, thats what your baby momma told me about the way you seek attention even after you assault her you still cry for attention. The only reason she has not formally charged you yet for assaulting her all the times you have is because she loves your daughter so much and wants her to have a daddy that is not insane… hey maybe I will move in on that and be baby daddy for a little bit, how epic would that be? Worthy of a selfie for sure at least.

  16. +Adam Guerbuez
    Really Adam, whats her number? Secondly, since you are "not hiding" how about posting your real address for everyone here? We both know if you did, you'd get your ass beat by hundreds of people… Show everyone what a badass you are… Whos hiding now  LMMFAO And you do have a criminal record for that murder charge, you just got it expunged.. LMMFAO

  17. +ṤⱧǠ ᴆŐƜ oh Toddler he has ten times the comments than any of your threads ever had.

    I see you resorted to more bullshit after getting your ass spanked on G+. This is a stupid question but any proof that Adam is White Supremacist sympathiser? I guess that is privelaged information for the super duper Shadow fan club. If i sign up do i get an awesome decoder ring?

  18. +Brian-White Knight- Williams
    Yes and you see how damaging all your work was… Still here… Still calling you a hillbilly and no one gives a shit about your posts… LoL So when are you going to do something to me that actually hurts me? Do you know how many calls I have had or ANY family member of mine has gotten?? 0 NONE ZILCh… ROFL 

  19. Todd this is all public info that anyone who can type my name into google will find. Where is the murder charge you speak of and proof of your other delutions about me. Nobody needs to dox Adam Guerbuez since i am one of the most public people out there and always heve been.

  20. +Adam Guerbuez
    No one ever said this was privileged. Can you not read or something? He was acquitted in 2003 for an assault that led to the death of a man in 2000. He also ran the website that claimed to sell videos of homeless people being beaten and harassed.  ACQUITTED MEANS YOU WERE CHARGED WITH MURDER you FAT PIECE OF SHIT…. Stop trying to talk yourself out of things… And if you were so public.. POST YOUR ADDRESS show us all you are not afraid of good old Shadow here!

  21. +Adam Guerbuez
    Do I have to educate you what expunged means? Anyway… like all bitches like you do you evade…. POST YOUR ADDRESS AND BACK up your mouth. Put up or shut up… Better than that since ya know you have all the dox come see me…. Does that scare you to come to my town?

  22. Oooh Todd Knisely is going hard in the caps when he can not figure out that an assault charge is not a murder charge and since he has never been found not guilty by a judge and jury of 12 men and women of his numerous criminal offences, he continues to salavate cough syrup as the delutions get way more intense folks. This is better than Netflix, you know all about netflix don't ya Todd?

  23. +Adam Guerbuez
    Tell the truth for once in your pathetic life Adam. We both know the murder charge was knocked down to assault. And it seems the best you can come up with is a Netflix insult. Again, diverting from posting your address to show everyone here that you are not hiding…

  24. +Brian-White Knight- Williams
    You're lame and everyone knows it. That is why you are Nuccitellli's ass buddy. Put up or shut up… This will never happen…. Which is why you will always be a pussy. My black eyes shows your pathetic ass that I will fight. Win or lose. Now show me you are willing to step out from behind your phone little man.

  25. +Brian-White Knight- Williams
    That would be the biggest mistake in your whole entire life. But why wait… Here I am come get me pussy. Or are you going to keep up with your pathetic Netflix insults ROFL. YOu are so much of a pussy you wont even call me, come on my show or even go to my website… Now you are claiming that you you will meet me.. I hope you bring an army because you threatened  my family and other member children. For that if you EVER see me eye to eye I will fucking destroy your pussy ass. Now quit talking and do something… Or just divert attention again 😉

  26. +Brian-White Knight- Williams
    LMMFAO… "Hiding behind a computer screen" Is that why you won't come on my radio show? We both know I would fucking destroy you intellectually. Come out into the open behind that avatar and show everyone you are NOT hiding… You are a pathetic hick hypocrite who needs his ass kicked. And mark my words. this will happen since you decided to harass an 8 month old child who was my nephews daughter. Your time is going to come. When you attack kids… the gloves come off. Simple as that hillbilly.

  27. +Brian-White Knight- Williams
    Until you post your address, you are nobody. I don't dox  public as you can see with John Carrolls. Finally, if you think doxing makes you l33t, well, we already knew you to be pathetic at computers and hacking. You're gonna get smashed d00d, for fucking with my kids and family. You better take that shit seriously.

  28. +Brian-White Knight- Williams
    Did you ever wonder dingus why it takes so many of you to attack me? I have been here for years and will be here for many more. It's been almost a year since your attacks against me and I am still here. Why can't you get this through you hillbilly skull that I am not going anywhere? The reason why you wont come on my show is because we both know what happened last time when you insulted the entire Jewish population by voicing the racial slur KIKE…. Only a fuck stick tart hillbilly would make that mistake LMMFAO.

  29. +Brian-White Knight- Williams
    Give me all your little hatred, all your pathetic comments, all your attempts to harm my family. The sad thing about people like you is that people like me give you purpose. Without me, you would still be posting bullshit political satire. Every post I am or every comment I make, you are there getting your rocks off. NOw SAY KIKE again or post your address or fuck off. I have given you enough time. But don't worry, when I post again, we all know you will be there obsessing over me. 😉 

  30. +Adam Guerbuez
    Umm, you got an address for me, or just more Netflix insults. Hey Adam come see me and Iw ill give you a black eye to match the one I had in a real fight…. Although I doubt this will happen since you can't run from here to there without getting out a breath… LoL
     Now go beat up on some homeless people and then give them bitcoins to hide how you much of a pussy you are… Try that shit you did with the homeless on me…. I fuckin dare ya…

  31. +Brian-White Knight- Williams
    Yea yea.. is that why all the cheese group and Those troll master are no where to be found anymore… You're next for fuckin with my family asshole. You are just too stupid to know. And we have taken an audio sample of Brian Williams and compared it to you KIKE show… You're a pussy and now you are trying to lie.

  32. Wow looks like Toddler is having a special delusional moment, not only does he think he has friends in the armed forces, (the fellow degenerates he met at his local bar who claimed to be AF for discounted beer) but now he has gone full blown delusional and thinks these degenerates are going to hang +Brian-White Knight- Williams for upsetting him. "We all are coming for you" Todd, at least tell your mom and dad before you say they are going to join you on your delusional imaginary revenge quests.

  33. Hey +Green Weenie check it out, assholes here think I have no  military friends LOL
     Read how Brian White Knight Williams here dishonored our military by claiming that he was in a chopper that was hit by an RPG when the real Brian Williams was in IRAQ!

  34. +Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. All he continues to do is threaten, harass over and over, it's been years that his obsession with everything "Adam Guerbuez" has him repeating like a broken record that he is going to cause me some sort of discomfort or distress and all I see is the same Todd Knisely talking through his ass years later and the difference now is, not one person out there thinks for even one split second that he is capable of carrying out any of his threats, all bullshit talk as I continue to rip him a new asshole just from simple internet comments and my masterful SEO styles to make sure that anyone who searches his name on the net, his real name or alias, they find all of this, every last word of it and he is helping by participating so willingly to boost those results.

  35. +ṤⱧǠ ᴆŐƜ a few things here bitch boy you never doxxed me all you did was steal some screenshots posted some made up shit and claimed it to be true. Schools and dates were way off! Nor am I white you dumb fuck!
    Secondly as you have just proven yet again Netflix what a stupid pathetic piece of shit you are as you resorted to extortion and attempted blackmail by releasing tape of a private conversation , illegal I may add because Brian won't call you Cry me a river bitch. You keep demanding Adam give you his address as well. Stupid? Bra? Thought you and your army of mini me's can't figure that out?
    Third I'm well aware of Adams past and we had a great discussion about that but no worries you can listen to that conversation on my phone you hacked Netflix Right you cough syrup drinking impotent lil twit?

    Btw did your girl tell you she was glad the baby came out white? Dodged a bullet the bra.. That xtra room in her vjj was NOT the vibrator! Netflix!
    Last but not least I'm pretty sure you and the family are inbred and the pic of your mom Christ on a crippled cross No wonder you are the way you are!
    Oh yea you threatened my family so seeing you say the gloves are off Ill oblige you

  36. +Adam Guerbuez
    Aww Adam didn't you get your nightly dose of prostitutes this evening? You are quite butt-hurt that we are exposing some of your dastardly deeds. LoL
     Ever wonder why you don't have a girlfriend Adam buddy and have to buy pussy LoL

  37. For anyone wanting to fake being military I have ways to confirm your claims no matter how high your clearance is.
    There's a reason green weenie is my name on Google. Because I am military. Careful about faking that stuff, some people don't take to kindly to it.

  38. +John Carroll
    Adam would love nothing more to see you dangling from a tree John.. Either you are too stupid to realize that or you haven't read a damn thing about him. Either way… fuck you and your family. Since you decided to come after mine, I will do just the same to you now. Ya fucked up homey

  39. +Adam Guerbuez This entire thread is being copied for training forensic psychologists, court systems, law enforcement and advocates for making Criminal Defamation a legal statute. Knisely is the poster child for this. No "Youthful Offender" status for him. His profile, with all his Shadow superhero nonsense, is unique.

    The question to be answered is whether he is psychopathic, psychopathological or a combination of both. A day will come when Mr. Knisely will become famous. Not as a celebrity, politician or industry leader, but as a profile in a textbook for InfoAge criminal justice and psych. students. Again, TY to you, +Brian-White Knight- Williams and +John Carroll for providing me such great data about #ToddKnisely  

  40. There is Todd Knisely aka ṤⱧǠ ᴆŐƜ displaying what one of his own Shrinks told him he has to work on, his Protectionism "Adam would love nothing more to see you dangling from a tree John."

  41. You also should add narcopathic narcissism and narcotics add with his unique brand of momma's boy psychopathy male impotency brought on by a controlling matriach

  42. +Adam Guerbuez +Brian-White Knight- Williams +John Carroll 
    I don’t know what’s more interesting. Is it his bizarre exchanges in this comment thread or is it the 200+ spam posts he’s published in the last 36 hours? 200+ posts disparaging the three of you, Jack Perry, me and women. And among his litany of rants? Not one post addresses his alleged InfoSec. expertise. His thread looks like some of the tweens parents call me about needing help. I just printed out his thread for the last 36 hours and 18 pages!

    18 pages of a grown adult, Todd Michael Knisely, spamming communities with content online users could care less about. Knisely’s online actions, over the last 2 days, will be presented in conference before the year’s end.

    Time for me to hit the pillow and TY again. Have a good night and just take a quick gander at his posts. BTW, I hash tagged this thread so my academic, media and professional contacts can locate. Be Well. Doc Nuccitelli

    ṤⱧǠ ᴆŐƜ

    #ToddKnisely #iPredator #CybercriminalMinds #Psychopathy #Psychopathology #DarkPsychology

  43. +Brian-White Knight- Williams Good morning sir and this comment thread, along with Knisely's profile thread for the last 72 hours, have been copied and printed. If you and +Adam Guerbuez continue to engage him, please encourage Knisely to get help for whatever is going on in his mind. There is a Todd I knew in the beginning that was a nice guy and seemed knowledgeable about InfoAge issues. Based on his bizarre and unprofessional actions over the last year, I'm not sure if the Todd I first met was the real one.

    Given he recorded all our communications without my consent and then adulterated them to defame my work has proven his modus operandi to be nefarious. As you know, I was advised to cut off all communications with him and soon it will be a year. Although I do not engage him, I was encouraged to save all his vitriolic content. Thanks to you, Adam, +John Carroll, #Anonymous our internet safety volunteers and students, the #ToddKnisely database is extensive. Todd, and online users like him, give the "haves" reasons to monitor and try to control us "have nots" in both online and offline environments.

    Todd has attacked and hurt many online users, yet markets himself as someone who helps. The one word that succinctly sums up his actions is Hypocrite. There almost seems to be a sadistic element to Knisely. When you read his content, there are times it seems he actually enjoys harming online users. TY again for helping us in our internet safety communities to investigate, report and profile iPredators. Respectfully, Doc Nuccitelli

  44. +Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. I am a speaker at a conference in NYC soon so when I am in the city, I would like to join you for a nice coffee at one of the 1000 Starbucks that are on every street corner in Manhattan hehe, I could show you some very interesting findings in person about the many child predators online I have nailed in my many years as a dedicated pedohunter, so many living and doing their filthy deeds right in the big apple.

  45. +Adam Guerbuez Dear Adam, Sorry it’s taken me awhile to respond, but I would really enjoy connecting outside of G+. If you get time in the near future, feel free to give me a call here in NY at 347-871-2416 or via email at [email protected]. Being a caffeine addict, Starbucks sounds awesome. I’d also be very interested in hearing about your work hunting child predators. Maybe if you have time next week, you and I can chat via phone or email. Respectfully, Michael

  46. +Pontifex Maximus Given you have my profile and all 5 other iPredator Inc. themed pages blocked, I have no way of answering you. Then again, from my recollection, you spammed the shit out of G+ last year alleging I was a Fed. trying to profile Anonymous. It was also around that time you blocked all my profiles. BTW…I'm not a Fed. but occasionally advise them on cases. I also advise and help law enforcement, academic institutions, businesses, healthcare, court systems, moms, dads and all online users who are being targeted by online assailants.

    And to answer your question "you here?" The answer is yes I'm "here" and a growing number of "there" as the iPredator construct spreads within the social sciences, forensic and internet safety fields. I hope you are doing well and TY for starting OpDeathEaters USA. As I'm sure you already know, online child predation and online child pornography are spreading like cancer. Respectfully, Doc Nuccitelli

  47. +Brian-White Knight- Williams
    HaHa… Me thinks you actually believe your own bullshit sometimes… Go hang out with the Armed Robber and Home Invader +John Carroll  LMMAO. Maybe your next for Carroll.. Maybe the 6 years in prison that John Carroll spent was not enough to teach him a lesson… We love the Dept Of Corrections mug shot too… Oh yea, we got the right FELON all right.

  48. +ṤⱧǠ ᴆŐƜ Hey shithead? I've been more then open and honest about my past however you gotta stop making shit up!
    I told this community over a year ago I was in fact in prison over 25 years ago and where to find the info. Unlike you I didn't drink syrup and lie extort and bully women and worse scumbag.

    Better yet I'm damn proud of the fact I was able to take the harsh lessons I learned and turned into a responsible tax paying citizen.

    You and your trailer trash family have squandered your privilege and obviously haven't learned a damn thing!
    Get your facts straight and stop making up shit.. Don't you think it's time to stop being a cartoon? Netflix Bitch!

  49. +John Carroll
    And don't talk to me about privilege you had every opportunity to have a great life you just fucked it up. I can't say I am surprised… I mean with that bankruptcy and all. You are a lzy fuckin pig home invader felon.. At least my charges were simple.. LOL.. And ya know what ya fuckin drug dealing hooligan? Felons are not allowed to grow weed… We will be making sure your local law enforcement people look in to that! 😉

  50. +ṤⱧǠ ᴆŐƜ until you learn to back up your claims with actual proof nobody is going to beleive your bullshit especially when you encrypt it and send to your website where nobody can see it.

    Your rep and credibility is shot to hell and back and nobody and i mean nobody beleives this bullshit of yours.

  51. You lie again and don't know shit so by all means go for it! Had you been able to do anything about my growing you already would have because the whole world knows what a sleazy whit trash chickenshit you are! Yeah doing pretty well for welfare and it just burns your narrow ass doesn't it? Netflix!

  52. +ṤⱧǠ ᴆŐƜ hah local law enforcement is mandated by law to protect my grow you'd know that had you bothered to do your research. Haters gotta hate and you mad bro? Netflix!

    Silly trifiling bitch unlike you? I still made something of myself and paid more in taxes then the value of your house and what you've made in years! I also did it all legally no scamming no lying no extortion, no theft no threats nope just hard work so you call me lazy?
    You are such a pathetic delusional bitch.. Wake up Todd the world doesn't owe you a living and you have to work for what you want! Against all odds I've made something of myself and your still doing what? Popping pills drinking syrup lying scamming the usual. Netflix!

  53. +Brian-White Knight- Williams Do you you mean the same Angela Goodling that comes up as the first result in a google search that could have a fully public facebook page? Seeing as I am banned from that site I can not verify if there are a whack of photos of her with Todd that are wide open public, I must admit though, I sure am curious now that you brought it up. However I must not break any laws by going there so I guess I will never know. There may be nothing there anyway, since he probably insisted that she make her stuff all private, knowing how he is.

  54. +ṤⱧǠ ᴆŐƜ​ Kike , Kike, Kike , Kike, Kike, Kike, Kike , Kike, Kike , Kike, Kike, Kike, Kike , Kike, Kike , Kike, Kike, Kike,
    Kike , Kike, Kike , Kike, Kike, Kike, Kike , Kike, Kike , Kike, Kike, Kike, Kike , Kike, Kike , Kike, Kike, Kike, Kike , Kike, Kike , Kike, Kike, Kike, Kike , Kike, Kike , Kike, Kike, Kike,
    Kike , Kike, Kike , Kike, Kike, Kike, Kike , Kike, Kike , Kike, Kike, Kike, Nobody gives two shitz. Anyhow they deserve it for letting pedos chat with kids. Remember #WhatsWrongWithKidsInAsia

    Do you use kik Todo?

  55. +Jack Perry
    Thank you for making a co,plete idiot of yourself. That code is not specific to Arch you fuckin n00b its shell code in C… And can be used on ANY Linux system. Oh my my… you are a real profession…. idiot that is…

  56. +Jack Perry
    Oh Jack.. my criminal record is NOTHING compared to Carrolls.. And I have no problem with it… In fact, I am glad that I have a record. Don't worry son, you keep hanging out with these characters, your mommy will be bailing you out soon enough.. You like 15 or something, I was coding while you still were learning to take a shit. Give it up, you are a nobody and now you are living off everyone else to get a rep. The only thing that would happen IRL if we were to mean kiddie if you getting your ass kicked over and over… Which is why you will only EVER make comments here. Then run and hide when someone finds ya… You're blocked you are nobody

  57. +John Carroll Oh shit just got real, too bad I can not legally access that fb link you posted, is it of any relevance, like does it have proof that Todd is lying again about not knowing the woman you posted saying it's his mom? Is Todd lying yet again?

  58. Todd, not sure im understanding here, you just said minutes ago that the photo +John Carroll posted, is NOT your mom and you do not know who that woman is. Are you lying yet again man? Can you ever just tell the truth just once in your life?

  59. Still confused here Todd, at 5:46pm estern here you posted a reply to +John Carroll after he posted a photo of your mother, you said "LMMFAO You twit, I have no idea who that is ROFL.. Post it more.. I love it when you are wrong.. I will even post a real picture of my mother.," So were you Lying yet again Toddler? Can anyone in here clear this up so we all know if Todd Knisely is lying like usual, yet again?

  60. Excellent Job +John Carroll for providing absolute proof that Todd Knisely lied yet again about the photo you posted originally saying it was his mother and he claimed to not know who that woman was. You just provided the most concrete proof , a photo with both the same woman, and Todd's father and Todd's daughter all together and the caption clearly in it about who's who. Man… The fact that Todd has not just gone to hide under a rock from the massive embarrassment and ownage he has gone through on here for the past few years is funny in itself. He must be a masochist lol!

  61. It is very important that today's lie that got exposed very quickly be shared and spread all over the net, since just here in the comments, it may get passed over. It is very important to help protect any more potential victims of Todd Knisely that he decides to prey upon from behind his keyboard. Be sure to post and get the word out on how he lies constantly about everything, posts info that he makes up, in efforts to cause people harm and back it up with proof of his lying streak, posting fake criminal records, accusing people of rape and denying he knows what his own mother looks like when confronted with a photo of her. He can not stop lying and the more people that know that his credibility is so trashed and he is not to be trusted or taken seriously, the better.

  62. Yes, screen shot his comment saying he does not know who the woman is in the photo ( up in this thread) and slap it into a timeline image and make a new post on G+ with it and make it public so all can see how he continues to lie constantly and get caught constantly in his lies. He used to have zero credibility on all his nonsence he posts about people, now today he has sunk lower than 0

  63. +ṤⱧǠ ᴆŐƜ​​ Lol I don't know how else to get this through your thick head: My picture is over 3 years old. I'm glad you still think that I'm 16 lol. And a criminal record is not something to be proud of. I'm surprised you can even get a job with all that shit on your record. And you failed to block me LMAO. Even if you did, I still have 10 alts, so you can't ever truly block me. You really are the Professor of Google+

  64. Anyone Notice how this cocksuker hates on anyone trying to stop predators and child molestors but won't help in a op but throws shit at those who do?
    I wonder why that is?

  65. +John Carroll +Jack Perry +Brian-White Knight- Williams  So funny to watch how every time he gets exposed for lying and someone actually hits him right at home SUCCESSFULLY with photographic proof and legit sources, he just goes into hiding for a little bit. He totally abandoned this place the moment he was confronted with the brutal truth, again exposed for lying. He will be back real soon posting more nonsence, however all you guys need to remember to not let this get played down, keep rubbing it in his face, netflix style and he will fucking snap. I got the popcorn out for the snap when it happens. So keep up the good work guys and make sure he does not push this under the rug, cause you see how much it affected him, he had to dislocate from the internet almost instantly when those photos got posted and the whole proof along with them.

  66. +Adam Guerbuez thx so much 4 putting that filter on his acct.  I was reporting the other day and when i went 2 the actual site he had posted it to it wasn't there LOL .. cldn't find it anywhere!  ty sir!  appreciate it! 🙂
     and fyi .. No Drama and I r different ppl and he KNOWS that … he was just being a doorknob!

  67. Sorry I missed all the ego stroking, kinda on vacation.
    Okay, so fuck anyone making fun of Hillbillies. I make moonshine harder then your morning wood.
    Todd has been essential to me in helping bust some bad people. People within our military that do any combination of the following. Blackmailing, extortion, sociopathic rapist, pedo's , drug dealers, thief's. They were just hiding behind the uniform. If you would like to help me in these cases just give me a point of contact, otherwise please leave Todd alone.
    We all make mistakes; shit that's how I was born and how I plan on dying. As an unexpected accident

  68. +Green Weenie all of us in here for the most part are hunters of the same things you espouse. Here's the problem, when Todd or whomever is sigbned in as shadow, these dipshits go rouge and fuck over the same people he claims to protect.

    When called on the carpet for his abuses time and time again first he lies then denies, then attacks his brothers and sisters in arms so to speak! Btw? Todd is the one calling folks hillbillies I live in a town full of them and some call me brother!

  69. +Green Weenie Sorry to bust your bubble brother. But I dont agree that his good deeds with you nor anyone else, should make him exempt to his notorious fuckery to someone else. Tier3Todd aint no better than no other person. Thats whats wrong with our Military and Governments now. I wont relent until your friend gets his shit together. PERIOD. And backs off my brothers and our Ops, and stops targeting activists families. Until then, see him in the shadows. It will only get worse.

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