Internet Marketing Genius

Do you have an idea or product that you are looking to make viral on the internet? Let my many years of elite mass marketing skills be the magic that will make your product or service the next big thing! I have been in Headline News world wide for past marketing endeavours that have taken the world by storm.

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Google Chrome Extensions Development

I have developed and released several amazing extensions which many people use every day in their Chrome browsers. All of my extensions are featured and available to download in the Google Chrome Store .
My Most Downloaded and used to date is my Google+ Public Hangouts Extension……..

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Have You Heard The News?

Have you heard the news? Besides being featured in the Guinness Book Of World Records 2010, I have been interviewed by many television shows, featured in front page headlines of hundreds of newspapers world wide and adorned the pages of magazines, best seller books and done plenty of radio show appearances since 2003!

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I am featured in the Fall Edition of Kiblind Magazine (French European Print Magazine On News stands in  France/Belgium/Switzerland) You can take a peek at their Online version here : or If you are in that part of Europe, pick up a copy for yourself.
The biggest problem that bitcoin faces currently is the fact that anyone who is not too computer savvy or at least somewhat of a geek, faces a plethora of tedious and boring geek speak whenever they try to gather information about bitcoin on their own.

There is no source out there that is actively promoting the use of bitcoin in a friendly, simple manner that the mainstream of all ages can understand. Over a month ago, I walked into the bitcoin embassy here in downtown Montreal. They are in a large building with plenty of empty space, some fliers, leaflets, a bitcoin atm and plenty of confusing geekspeak to scare anyone off who is not already comfortable with very technical information being thrown at them.

I myself felt uncomfortable when visiting the embassy, got the cold stare from individuals on the premises and could sense tension in the air and social awkwardness. Little things like this told me that I had to take matters into my own hands and be an integral part of the major change needed to get the mainstream population interested in using bitcoin.

Armed with just barely $20 Canadian dollar value in bitcoin in my wallet one night, I decided that I needed to do something totally random and unique by using the bitcoin to buy food and give it out to homeless people. I called up a friend and told him about my idea and he thought it was…


I was running all over the city today to take care of last minute errands and every single place I went, everyone was wanting to shake my hand, talk to me and thank me after reading about me in today's paper . Thanks to the media helping to get my message out, even when I went to pump gas I got surrounded by people wanting to chat about it! I hope to see many people follow in my footsteps in the near future! #bitcoin   #bitcoinnews   #montreal   #changetip  ChangeTip Wiki Chaves Nick Sullivan 
Le Journal de MontréalIl offre 220 $ aux itinérants grâce à ses BitcoinsLe Journal de MontréalIl offre 220 $ aux itinérants grâce à ses Bitcoins. Autres. bitcoins. Photo Alexe-Sandra Daigneaul more…
The Largest Newspaper in Montreal "Le Journal de Montreal" did a nice Story on me feeding the homeless with bitcoin. Hope this will inspire the 500.000 daily readers of this Daily paper and online news portal.

Il offre 220 $ aux itinérants grâce à ses…

My 3rd Vid Feeding The Homeless with #Bitcoin8 in #Montreal Big Thanks to ChangeTip   tips. *Things GOT CRAZY This Time! My Cameraman and I got out quick and safe however. More vids to come, this is only the beginning!