Internet Marketing Genius

Do you have an idea or product that you are looking to make viral on the internet? Let my many years of elite mass marketing skills be the magic that will make your product or service the next big thing! I have been in Headline News world wide for past marketing endeavours that have taken the world by storm.

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Google Chrome Extensions Development

I have developed and released several amazing extensions which many people use every day in their Chrome browsers. All of my extensions are featured and available to download in the Google Chrome Store .
My Most Downloaded and used to date is my Google+ Public Hangouts Extension……..

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Have You Heard The News?

Have you heard the news? Besides being featured in the Guinness Book Of World Records 2010, I have been interviewed by many television shows, featured in front page headlines of hundreds of newspapers world wide and adorned the pages of magazines, best seller books and done plenty of radio show appearances since 2003!

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I am featured in the Fall Edition of Kiblind Magazine (French European Print Magazine On News stands in  France/Belgium/Switzerland) You can take a peek at their Online version here : or If you are in that part of Europe, pick up a copy for yourself.
Companies Send Free Bitcoins As AdvertisementsCryptoCoinsNewsadvertise-loud The most recent Bitcoin advertising method might sound pretty crazy, but it seems to be working. Some businesses have been t more…
Like many people, you have received tips online in the form of a Bitcoin. Since it is almost impossible to find a place to spend that Bitcoin, you may have already given up hope.

I have a simple method which allows you to spend your Bitcoin tips on things you want to buy — right now!

First, sign up for an account at Your "My Money" page has an option to withdraw your tips. 

Go to  and signup for a free account; download the Gyft app from the App Store, or Google Play; then choose a gift card (Starbucks, Best Buy, Home Depot, and so many more); select the value of the gift card; then choose to pay for it with Bitcoin. will give you a Bitcoin address to which you may send the payment. Simply copy the address, and go into your account's "My Money" page; click the "Withdraw" button; and paste in the Bitcoin address that you copied from the Gyft checkout page. Send the funds and, within a couple of minutes, you will see the transaction went through. Then, check in your Gyft app on your phone, or tablet, for a notification to appear! 

Now you can go into your favorite stores and show them the giftcard in your phone to pay for your bill. Treat yourself to a coffee at Starbucks, thanks to the awesome people who tipped you using Changetip!

How I Shut Down a #bitcoin  Scam, in under five minutes!

Since Bitstamp got hacked and over 5 Million dollars worth of Bitcoin gobbled up, there have been several leeches out there looking to take advantage of good people who are showing concern on what is going to happen next. 

One particular person who joined several Bitcoin related forums, put up a twitter page and kept posting his site address where he called on people to help raise funds in Bitcoin to cover costs to uncover the truth etc. He setup his site called and went to town on posting about it as often as possible along with a btc address for people to send their "support" money over to.

I did some sniffing around and came to the certain conclusion that this indeed was a scam, flat out no doubt about it. These types of parasites who prey on vulnerable people and create false hope are often never shut down quick enough before they can siphon people's wallets and never be seen again are vile creatures.

It took me 5 minutes to put it all to an end. I took possession of the domain used in this scam in the works ( swiftly and it will be forwarded to this message! 

The person behind the scam posted on twitter that he got hacked then moments later he deleted his twitter account to not leave any traces….

Through ChangeTip, Bitcoin Recipients No Longer Need Social MedianewsBTC“Adam Guerbuez had a little giveaway – the first people to click his link won some money through the One Time Tip link. Mart more…